Entrepreneurship Management

Professional Certification in Entrepreneurship Management (in association with Wadhvani Foundation)

Course Objectives:

This goals of this program is to inspire students and help them imbibe an entrepreneurial mind-set, as they are introduced to the key traits and the DNA of an entrepreneur, and given an opportunity to assess their own strengths and identify gaps that need to be addressed to become a successful entrepreneur. This certificate program comprises several short courses, each focusing on a specific entrepreneurial knowledge or skill requirement such as creative thinking, communication, risk taking and resilience and helping them become career ready, whether it is entrepreneurship or any other career. An individual taking up this program will discover their strengths in terms of an entrepreneurial founding team and learn basics such as opportunity discovery, prototyping, competition analysis, and early customer insights and participate in online and campus activities and events such as Idea Competitions, business plan challenges, etc. Learning of entrepreneurship concepts such as customer development, business model and plan, value proposition, and seed funding and a hands-on the venture creation process by forming and running a Campus Venture.

Highlight of the programme:

  • Develop new ideas for doing business
  • Develop an entrepreneurial mindset by learning key skills such as creative thinking, personal selling, and communication.
  • Learn a hands-on the venture creation process by forming and running a Campus Venture.
  • Would be groomed on management concepts required for entrepreneurship.


Course Content:

What is Entrepreneurship? How has Entrepreneurship changed the world? Entrepreneurial DNA, traits and gap analysis, Entrepreneurial Success Stories.

Creative and Design Thinking, Personal Selling: Show and Tell, Risk-taking and Resilience Opportunity Discovery, Concept of prototyping, Idea Validation (Product-Market Fit), Early attempts to sell the product or service, Understand customer perspective of how the proposed product/solution will be used, value perception.

Early insights on customer segmentation (discover primary customer segment, alternate customer segments, early adopters), Early insights on pricing, cost and margins, Customer Development and Experience, Evaluate the efficiency with which customers can be captured and kept, Early insights on cost of customer acquisition, Clarifying the value proposition.

Business Model and Plan, Refining the product/service Establish the success and operational metrics, Other Stakeholder Validation, Test angel investor interest in the solution, Pitching to others (Investors, partners, potential key hires), Obtaining seed funding and making the first key hires, Validate interest from Partners, Channels.


Learning Methods:

Online courses through Massive Open Online Classes (MOOC), Classroom learning through an experienced Facilitator/Faculty on campus (Games, Exercises, Videos, and Practical Experiences).



HSC (10+2) years of education and having an inclination to start something on his own. Campus Company, Start-up or a MSME, requiring skills to grow the business or start a new venture. Proficiency of Basic English is a must.


Saturday – 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm

Sunday – 8.00 am to 11.00 am



INR 1, 00,000/- for 11 months.