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Event Details

  1. Research oriented industry experienced faculty with excellent communication skill and knowledge.Imparting experiential learning.
  2. Mentor & Mentee Sessions (GURU COOL) – Every faculty has 10 to 15 students under her/ him. Faculty conducts regular meetings with them andenables them to be industry ready.
  3. Focus on enhancing employability skills.
  4. Conducting Art of Living Sessions to equip them to handle stress level and maintain work life balance.
  5. Personality Assessment of students through Psychometric Test conducted by experts. Also regular Assessment Centreand trainings are conducted for students, to identifying their core competencies.
  6. Exposure via Rural Connect program during the course to understand the rural segment.
  7. CSR initiative by Institute toinculcate social responsibility in our students.
  8. Beyond the Curriculum – The Guest sessions & symposiums are organized to teach emerging trends in management.
  9. Students are encourage to organize and participate in inter college seminars and conferences.
  10. The institute conducts Annual Research conference, Case study Sessions where students are encouraged to participate to hone their technical skills.
  11. ‘Bootstrapping’ Projects are conducted to inculcate Entrepreneurial skills